Sanh Al Faraq is a QCDD Approved company in the Life & Fire Safety Field. Life & Fire Safety, Fire Detection & Alarm, Fire Fighting, Fire Suppression and Fire Stopping.

Sanh Al Faraq Trading & Services W.L.L.

Sanh Al Faraq is a QCDD-approved company that offers a complete range of life and fire safety services, such as fire detection and alarm systems, firefighting, fire suppression and fire stopping. Our services are available for various projects, from installation to maintenance, for commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities, malls and shops.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced engineers who are certified by QCDD, as well as technicians who are highly trained and experienced in the most advanced technological knowledge, equipment, and trainings. We are dedicated to providing our valued clients with the most effective and efficient solutions to complex safety challenges, while ensuring that they are time and cost-effective.

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Fire Protection
Fire Detection
Life & Fire Safety